Miss Friday

Hello! I'm Steph, your hostess at My Girl Friday. I'm a twenty-something Melbourne girl, who loves reading,watching movies and wearing nice shoes.

I graduated from La Trobe University in 2009 with a Creative Arts degree (majoring in English and Cinema Studies), where I got to write about fun things like Jane Austen, fandom and exploitation cinema.

My Girl Friday is a blog dedicated to young adult literature, film adaptations of YA novels and creative pursuits like Polyvore profiles and music playlists. I'm also obsessed with the pending zombie apocalypse.

Non-bookish things I love: musical theatre (I’m a huge theatre geek, so feel free to talk nerdy with me about all-things Broadway), baking, playing Scrabble, pretty stationary, good mail days, gift-giving and nice manners.

You can also find me at these places:
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Feel free to email me at mygirlfriday@live.com.au