Sunday, August 26, 2012

Swords, Starks and Sagas: Why George R. R. Martin is rocking my world

I feel like I'm getting into a bit of a pattern: I'll post for a bit, then vanish for a while, then post again with apologies and promises to post again soon, before disappearing again. Aside from the usual issues of work and school, something else has been taking over my life this past month:


I have become somewhat addicted to George R. R. Martin's A Song of Fire and Ice saga. To the extent that in the last month, I have read nothing else.Basically I attempted to read A Game of Thrones at the end of last eyar, struggled through six pages and gave up. My manager at work recommended watching the first few episodes of the HBO series to 'get a taste' of the world, and I managed to get through the entire first season with my mum over a weekend. While the fantasy elements were not my favourite thing, I was really interested in the family drama aspect and decided to start reading the books. That was about four weeks ago. Since then (thanks for my 2 hour daily commute!) I've worked my through the series pretty quickly, and have just started A Feast for Crows (so no spoilers please!).

Seriously, wow.

This series has really pushed me out of my 'reading comfort zone'. I've written about this before, but over the last few years I've really only been reading young adult and childrens fiction, autobiographies and a touch of crime fiction. I genuinely cannot remember the last piece of historical fiction I read, and I don't think I've ever read anything in the adult fantasy genre. I'm also not really one for series, and never, ever thought I'd be so emotionally invested in a saga like this.
I am loving the characters, the power struggles, and the incredible detail and history George R. R. Martin has shaped into this complex, intriguing world.

Mmm Jon Snow!

Anyway, as A Song of Fire and Ice is taking over most of my free time (as is studying), I have been really slack with blogging. I'm really excited about going to the Melbourne Writers Festival next week, and hopefully that will mean a bit of a return to usual programming here!

Have you read this series? Are other people as obsessed as me?
If you've read it, which point-of-views do you enjoy the most?