Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My Second Blog Birthday

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I can't believe it - last weekend was the second birthday of My Girl Friday and in between work, university and a lack of internet, I completely forgot!

So this is a belated birthday message to my friends and readers - I'm still a bit shaken to realise it's been two whole years since I first started writing here!! Thanks for reading what I have to say (when I do get around to posting), for making me smile and sharing your thoughts (and reading recommendations) me me. I love having a place in the blogosphere where I talk about my love of reading, share screencaps from my favourite films and freak you out with my musical theatre obsession.

I know two is pretty small in book-blogging years, but I'm rather chuffed that I've stuck with this for as long as I have. Here's hoping you will all stick around and we can keep on sharing the bookish love!



♥Iffath said...

Belated happy second birthday to your blog! *throws confetti and sparkles*

Chachic said...

Happy blogiversary! :)

Nomes said...

congrats on your second blog birthday :) so glad you are here ~ it wouldnt be the same without your very cool blog around :)

Kellie said...

Happy Blogger Birthday!!!
First time stopping through but I'm loving your blog so far.

Jillian said...

So awesome! I started January 2010, so we're about the same :) That is insane.

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