Monday, September 5, 2011

How to Cure (Book) Blogger's Block

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I often notice tweets in my friends stream from fellow bloggers who are struggling from 'blogger's block' - a syndrome I also am inflicted with at least once a month. So I've decided to share some of my ideas for posts designed to help combat this. Some of these are prompts which will hopefully get your blogging juices flowing, some are more creative ideas which could be useful if you want to try something out of your blogging comfort zone. In compiling this list, I thought carefully about a) what kind of content my favourite bloggers post and b) what I (as a reader) would like to see more of in the blogosphere. Whilst most of these ideas were created with book-bloggers in mind, many will translate to other kind of personal blogging and writing.

♥ Play casting director and pick out your fantasy cast for one of your favourite novels or series. Be sure to include pictures and tell us why you’ve chosen them. For film buffs, go one step further and pick which director you’d like to see guide the screen adaptation and why.

♥ Create a playlist inspired by a recent read or one of your favourite books.

♥ Bake or cook something that’s eaten by the characters in a recent read or favourite book and share the results with your readers! (if I was a better cook, I’d love to create a Mexican feast based on the dishes mentioned in Simone Elkeles Perfect Chemistry series).

♥ Use Polyvore to put together an outfit for a character, or create a mood-board for a book.

♥ Read a book set in your city (or that mentions a nearby landmark or tourist attraction), go take photos and share them with us!

♥ Write a list! I absolutely love list posts and they can be great to put your thoughts and opinions into a quick, readable format. Write lists of your favourite books (by genre, by author, by date, by nostalgia, by series), lists of your favourite characters (heroes, villains, awesome best friends who don’t get the love and appreciate they deserve, teachers, parents, pets, characters you wish were real so you could be BBFs with them), and lists of things you love (why you love that genre, that author, that character, that book, that series). There is pretty much an endless possibility of lists you could write – and encourage your readers to share their own lists!

♥ Write an opinion piece on an issue you feel passionate about. Do you have an issue with how books are priced? Talk about it! How do you feel about supporting local authors? Tell us! Do you wish there was more or less of something in a particular genre? Share your thoughts and encourage your readers to share their opinions in the comments (and please remember to be respectful of others opinions).

♥ Write an essay. It was sound a bit school-ish, but I love reading personal essays from bloggers – like when they developed their love of reading, or how a particular book changed their life, or a book that just made things click for them.

♥ Blog to a theme – review a whole series, or collection of books with a common thread (for example, an author’s backlist, books all set in one city, books all about a particular sport, issue or topic).

♥ Tell us about another aspect of your life. If you’re a book blogger, why not tell us about your favourite TV shows (is there a correlation between what you read and what you watch?) or try reviewing movies for a week.

♥ Hold an interview with someone and ask interesting questions. Try interviewing a lesser-known author, or request an interview with someone in the publishing industry (I always love reading these). It’s always interesting to hear about how other people are involved in the production of a book on its road to publication (agents, editors, publicists and marketing team).

♥ Have a call-out for guest-posts on your blog or swap guest-blogging duties with another blogger. You could give your guest-blogger a theme, or let them pick their own and see what the reader response is. Sometimes it’s just fun just to hear a fresh voice and perspective.

♥ Share some of your favourite YouTube videos – they can be directly related to your blog, to a theme (like your favourite book trailers or author interviews) or just things you find amusing or interesting.

♥ Do you have an ereader? Tell me about it! Show me how it works! What’s good/not-so-good about it? What kind of books do you read on it? Especially in book-blogging, fellow readers are often debating if reading devices are worth their time and hard earned money – contribute your experiences to help someone else make a decision.

♥ Go local! I love hearing about bookish events in other cities. Tell me about your bookshops, libraries, reading centres and local authors.
Share photos that tell us something about your life (you could do a 'A Day in My Life' feature or even just show us pictures of your bookshelves, what’s in your handbag, what’s on your bedside table, your pet, your favourite outfit, your favourite place to read, your favourite place to drink coffee) - I personally love reading snippets about bloggers real lives and helps me feel more of a connection to their writing.

♥ Ask your readers what kind of posts they would like to read and take their opinion into account!

Happy Writing!


Jillian said...

Love this! I just recently suffered from this block myself, and took about a week off to really be inspired again. Sometimes I guess it just happens.. but these are some really good, creative tips :)

daniela said...

This came at the perfect time! I totally had bloggers block right about now, well not anymore this gave me an idea thanks c:

Bianca said...

This is a great list! Will be doing a few things from this very soon!

Thanks for the ideas.

Nomes said...

oh i love this post <3

full of so much goodness.

i dont know that i get blogger block so much as i just get lazy, haha ;)

Missie said...

Steph, this list is awesome and very helpful. I've noticed that when ever a character is reading in a book, I like to run out and grab something for myself so I can eat with them. And I love playing casting director. So fun!

Thanks for the tips!

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