Friday, August 5, 2011

Mixed Bag #40

Oh my goodness, it feels like ages since I've done one of these! Here are some links to things that I've enjoyed recently - I hope you like them too:

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♥ Kate Gordon shares her Hottest 50 Australian Children's & YA Books of All Time. This is an incredible list and so many of my own favourites on here!

♥ I recently discovered Dear Teen Me (thanks Aimee!), where some of my favourite authors have written letters to their younger selves. Check out Aimee and Simmone's entries.

♥ Check out this interview with Leanne Hall at Listening to the Ants Scream, where Leanne talks about her novel, the paranormal romance genre and a possible sequel to This is Shyness (oh my goodness, everybody cross your fingers and think good thoughts!)

♥ Have you been to Literary Life lately? Megan's blog has had a facelift and is all shiny and new (but of course, still filled with all the usual awesomeness of her infectious writing).

♥ If you haven't already seen the Inky Awards Long List - go look and then run (don't walk) and read these books!

Guide to Aussie August giveaways:
♥ Win a copy of Beautiful Malice by Rebecca James at Book Probe
♥ Check out the Aussie Author Giveaway at The Australian Bookshelf
♥  Skye at In The Good Books is also giving away a fantastic pack of Aussie titles, go look!


Actin' Up with Books said...

I love Dear Teen Me. It is one of my favorite blogs to visit. It's interesting to read about writers and what they went through as teens.

Thanks for sharing all of your great finds this week.

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