Monday, August 1, 2011

Aussie August

When I first heard about the suggestion for Aussie August on Goodreads– a month dedicated solely to writing about and reviewing Australian young adult titles, I’ll admit that initially I was a bit ‘ehhhh’ about the whole thing. Not because I don’t love Aussie YA, because if you’ve read this blog for more than a few weeks, you’d know that I am hugely passionate about supporting and sharing thoughts on local authors and Australian stories. My feelings toward Aussie August were originally the same as how I feel about Mother’s and Father’s Day – whilst it is nice to have a day to celebrate them, surely it would be better if we treated them (and shared our gratitude and love) all-year round.

Anyway, as you can probably tell that my momentary hesitation was surpassed by my excitement to share (as part of a group) my excitement for and love of Australian young adult fiction with the rest of the world! So I’m hoping you will all stick around for August as it will be packed with double the dose of all-Australian content. Not only will I be reviewing Australian YA titles, I’ll also be continuing some of my favourite blogging series posts (including Fiction to Film, the Film Companion and City in Pages).

Over the next 31 days, make sure you head to the central hub for Aussie August (put together by the lovely Lux of The Paperback Heart) for even more local content from Aussie bloggers including interviews, reviews and guest-posts. For my overseas friends, there will be heaps of giveaways (over 15 at a quick count), all of which will be open internationally! I hope you all enjoy the next 31 days!


Leanna (Daisy Chain Book Reviews) said...

Oooh, this sounds fab! I love Aussie YA! Can't wait to get some new reading recs. International giveaways sound good too! :)

Braiden said...

Yaya Wooop wooop can’t wait!

Steph said...

Leanna - yayyyy for Aussie love!

Braiden - I know, I'm very excited :D

alyssa said...

Nice blog :)

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