Thursday, March 4, 2010

The First Step

aka why I'm writing this blog

So I've kind of been dancing around the idea of keeping a proper blog for some time now. I've been loyal to my LJ for a good five years, but I've wanted to create something seperate and more focused/less personal whining.

This year I've had quite a bit of spare time on my hands. My retail job gives me pretty miminal hours and I work once a week in an intern/assistant position in the publishing industry which I love. I've always been an avid reader and read a lot of fiction for work, so I decided to stop my brain from turning to mush and start writing!

What I hope to do here is produce regular reviews of children's & YA fiction, with a weekly focus on book-to-film adaptations (to combine my uni double major and movie addiction) and a bit of cooking thrown in as well! I'm no Bakerella, but I love to bake and look forward to sharing some of my culinary creations. Now, why YA fiction? Well, it's what I predominantly read myself - both for work and for enjoyment. I guess it started out of habit (I graduated high school, but never from that section of the library) and then as respite from some heavy-going Literature classes at uni.

My other main reason is somewhat connected to the valued and status based concept behind my other (currently on-hiatus) blog Simply the Best?. I do tend to feel that Children's and Young Adult fiction doesn't seem to be treated with the same respect and value as a lot of Adult Fiction. An interesting idea to consider, especially as a certain YA book about sparkly vampires has been featured on a number of best-selling lists as of late (though if analytical discuss of the text in question is anything to go by, perhaps that is why YA isn't taken as seriously!). Either way, this attitude is super disapointing as there is so much amazing writing in this area right now!

Anyway, I know there are some other fantastic YA based book blogs, and hopefully this can help share some of the love!


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